Mala Chakra Bracelet with Hematite, Tiger Skin Sandalwood, Picasso Jasper, Green Rhodonite, Mookaite, Matte Geode Agate, and Carnelian Guru Stone


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All Chakras are supported with these 108 stones + one Guru stone.
Natural stones/crystals offer healing properties and, when combined, offer an extensive selection of healing energies. This combination offers a sense of self, grounding, energetic vibrations to a higher/intense level of spirituality, strength, self discipline, compassion, altruism, joy from serving others, hope, overcoming grief/depression, increased courage, enthusiasm, confidence, power, passion—not an exhaustive list.

A Mala bracelet may be used for meditation and yoga practice helping one to stay focused while repeating intentions or a mantra very personal to the wearer. The Guru Stone represents the teacher(s) in your life, including you. Avoid skipping over the Guru Stone counting only on either side of it. The numbers 108: 1 = the one Universe; 0 = nothing and everything; 8 = Infinity. There are six sets of 18 stones totaling 108 + the Guru Stone. Namaste.