Falling in Love with the Mineral Kingdom since 2016

Rudi Atkinson is a Norfolk County Artist with roots in energy healing. She is certified in Reflexology, Holy Fire Reiki Master, and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. She has always had a strong connection with Mother Earth, starting with mineral healing and now connects with the earth via precious metals in her jewellery and clay pottery. Each piece absorbs the love and energy Rudi puts into her work and she continues to explore different mediums and styles.

A labour of love, an affair, A Mineral Love Affair.

Chakra Support and Healing Properties

There are endless combinations of designs to create your ONE OF A KIND FINDS.

Choosing stones is such a personal experience. Personally, I love them all! Some people choose them for natural healing properties, gifts, their colours, beauty, familiarity, or a host of other reasons. Whatever your reason, here is a simple way to check out most of what we have available in stone beads, what Chakras they support, and a BRIEF summary of their energetic healing properties. Sizes vary: 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and not everything listed is available in all sizes. Please contact us with any questions. 

DISCLAIMER: Minerals offered on this site are not intended to replace any form of medical care nor do we suggest that cures are available through the use of minerals. 

African Turquoise Heart, Third Eye, Stone of Evolution, growth, development, positive change, opens mind
Agarwood Dispels negative energy, brings luck/inner peace, works well mixed with semi precious beads for enhanced energies
Agate Root, Sacral, Third Eye, stabilizing aura, eleminating/transforming negative energies, overall support
Agate, Fire Crackle Root Third Eye, grounding, emotional/physical/mental balance, soothing, strength, concentration, overcoming negativity, stability
Agate, Geode Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, zest for living, creativity, focus on life 
Agate, Indian Heart, positive healing influence, courage, confidence, physical strength, emotional security, protection, meditation tool
Agate, Moss (Chalcedony) Root, Heart, stability, persistence, grounding, beneficial to almost everyone, mental concentration, endurance, magnifies intentions 
Agate, Purple/Black Root, Third Eye, grounding, emotional/physical/mental balance, soothing, strength, concentration, overcoming negativity, stability
Agate, Purple Crackle Third Eye, Crown, positive energy, stone of meditation/spiritual transformation, opens intuition, extraordinary vision and insight
Agate, Tree Heart, stone of inner peace, calms nerves, dissolves egoism/arrogance, combine with Clear Quartz to deepen meditation/prayer
Agate, White Crackle Crown, balance and release, soothes/calms inner anger/tension/anxiety, used as a worry stone
Amazonite Heart, Throat, truth, communication, harmony, releasing fear/judgment, conflict, inner freedom
Amber Solar Plexus, light, warmth, clarification, life force, finding inner freedom, protection
Amethyst Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, spiritual protection, purification, clearing negative or addictive emotional patterns
Amethyst Banded Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, spiritual protection, purification, dispels negativity, enhances intuition
Amethyst, Chevron Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, spiritual protection, purification, dissipates negativity, cleanses aura
Ametrine Solar Plexus, Crown, stimulates metabolism, enhances brain function, overcome fear/insecurity, finding own power
Angelite (blue Anhydrite) Throat, Third Eye, Crown, encourages clear/compassionate communication, emanates serenity/benevolence, spiritual guidance
Apatite Third Eye, uplifts mood, overcomes vertigo, inspiration, understanding, calms headaches
Aquamarine Heart, Throat, calms anger, stress relief, expressing true emotions, speaking truth, Divine Feminine
Aventurine (blue) Third Eye, self discipline, inner strength, hormonal balance, emotional maturity, overcoming problematic habits
Aventurine (green) Heart, vitality, growth, confidence, comfort, harmony, emotional calm, all around healing, empathy, compassion
Azurite Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, tinnitus, veritigo, brain health, emotional insight/growth
Banded Agate All Chakras, calm, good luck, stability, mental clairty, overcoming negative emotions, balancing Chakras
Beryl Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown, represents purity of being, assists to actualize potential, have courage, relieve stress, calm the mind
Black Agate Root, grounding, protection, calming, peace, inner strength, stress release
Black Onyx Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, inner strength, mental focus, memory, vitality, calming/soothing, grounding
Black Sandalwood Raises energetic vibrations to higher/intense level of spirituality
Black Tourmaline Root, purification, protection, grounding/cleansing energy field
Blue Goldstone Throat, Third Eye, new beginnings, self expression, communication, courage, ambition, motivation 
Blue Lace Agate Throat, calms emotions, confidence in communication, deepest truth, inner wisdom, thyroid support, speech impediments
Blue Quartz (Dumortierite) Third Eye, calms mind, sense of tranquility, mental clarity, self discipline, inspires hope/creativity, eliminates fear
Blue Sapphire Throat, Third Eye, awareness, discpline, aids healing headaches/vertigo/earaches, inner strength, confidence
Blue Sponge Coral Throat, Third Eye, calms, stabilizes, reduces fear/insecurity, promotes inner child healing work
Botswana Agate Root, Crown, quit smoking, problem solving, releases depression/grief/obsessive and destructive thoughts 
Brecciated Jasper Root, Sacral, supreme nurturer, grounding, emotional stability, mental clarity, balance, cleanses Chakras/aura
Bronzite Root, protection, repels, sends negative energy back to sender, clears confusion, courage
Brown Zebra Jasper Root, optimism, balance, calm, grounding, alleviating muscle spasms
Carnelian Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, increases courage, enthusiasm, confidence, power, passion
Charoite Earthstar through Soul Star Chakras, protection, etheric purification, dispels negativity, emanates Purple Ray
Cherry Creek Jasper Root, Sacral, action, emotion, passion, physical energy, vitality, protection
Chinese New Jade Heart, soothes emotional body, releases fear of change, connects with heart/mind of Nature
Chrysocolla Root, Heart, Throat, supports adrenals/thyroid/stress related illnesses, calming, communication, 
  expression of sacred, gentleness, power
Chrysoprase Solar Plexus, Heart, growth, compassion, connection with Nature, forgiveness, altruism
Citrine Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity, optimism, playfulness, decisiveness
Clear Quartz All Chakras, amplification of other stones, Stone of Light, spiritual awareness, Chakra opening, Love
Crazy Lace Agate Sacral, Solar Plexus, laughter stone, protection, support, encouragement, optimism
Dendritic Opal (Merlinite) All Chakras (color), Chakra/emotional balance, grounding, acceptance, discernment, spiritual growth
Dragon Blood Jasper Heart, self confidence, persistence, endurance, strength, love, forgiveness, compassion, stability, emotional well-being
Dragon's Vein Agate Throat, Third Eye, creative visualization, manifestation, strength, truth, memory, honesty
Dumortierite (Blue Quartz) Third Eye, Divine inspiration, psychic ability, inner guidance, mental discipline, clarity of consciousness, emotional intelligence 
Emperor Jasper Dyed Root, courage, wisdom, grounding, stability, strength
Fancy Jasper All Chakras, grounding, discipline, perseverance, slow/steady healing, calms overactive mind, helps insomnia/sleep disorders
Fluorite All Chakras, clears energy field, dispels confusion/anxiety, mental clarity, overcome vertigo/dizziness, psychic vacuum cleaner
Freshwater Pearls, Mixed Root, calmness, centredness, faith, loyality, truth, purity, personal integrity
Garnet Root, physical love, relationships, psychic protection, grounding 
Goldstone Sacral, boosts one's life force, strengthening inner self and Chi
Green Agate Heart, enhances mental/emotional flexibilty, decision making, resolving disputes
Green Goldstone Heart, supports physical healing/nervous system, reduces pain/inflammation, deflects unwanted energy,
   offers protection, abundance
Green Rhodonite Root, Heart, compassion, love, generosity, altruism, joy of serving others
Green Tourmaline Heart, healing, strength, vitality, wholeness, inner peace, self healing
Hawk's Eye Root, Throat, Third Eye, stimulates/invigorates physical body, vision/insight, dissolves negative thought 
  patterns/ingrained behaviors, soothing/calming
Heliodor (Beryl) Solar Plexus, power of mind/will, assertiveness/self confidence, physical/mental strength, 
  manifestation, higher consciousness
Hematite Root, sense of self, grounding, self forgiveness, counteracts spaciness, confusion
Hemimorphite Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, manifests energy of well being, balance to auric field/hormones, joy, 
  encourages forgiveness/compassion for self and others
Howlite Root, Third Eye, calming, stress relief, antidote to insomnia and overactive mind
Indian Bloodstone Root, courage, purification, strength, vitality, detoxification, courage to face illness/mortality, altruism, zest for life
Jade, Canadian Heart, a stone for healing the heart, fosters steady growth of Chi, aids in emotional/physical well being, 
  stone of abundance/prosperity 
Jade, Honey (yellow) Solar Plexus, optimism, serenity, wisdom, joy, stone of magic 
Jade, Lapis Candy (blue) Throat, peace, serenity, calms, restores, tempers emotional upheaval, restores equilibrium 
Jet All Chakras, protection, purification, grounding, cleansing, clearing energy field of negative emotional attachments
Kambala Jasper Root, Heart, Third Eye, calming effect on the mind, promotes inner peace, reduces fear, inspires confidence/self worth/courage 
Kunzite Heart, eases stress, supports parasympathetic nervous system, Divine Love and energy, altruism for all that is
Kyanite All Chakras, esp Third Eye, dissolving dysfunctional patterns, telepathy, empathy, supports neurological problems
Labradorite All Chakras, supports inner work, psychic protection, amplifies healing, prayers, affirmations
Lapis Lazuli Third Eye, Throat, inner vision, truthful communication, royal virtues, truth, intellectual ability
Larimar Third Eye, Throat, cooling, soothing, Divine feminine, Goddess energy, serenity, relaxation, aids stress related illness
Lava Rock Root, strength, fire, power, courage, stability
Lepiodolite All Chakras, serenity, relaxation, stress relief, purification, emotional healing, balance, dispels worry
Lilac Jasper Crown, provides protection, peace of mind, nurturing/grounding, supports during prolonged illness, re-energizes the body
Mahogony Obsidian Root, Sacral, release from inner limitations, healing unworthiness, clears blockages, self love
Malachite Solar Plexus, Heart, protection from negative energy, vitality, recommended for inflammation, arthritis, digestion, detoxification
Mookaite All Chakras, encourages renewed hope, energy, overcoming grief/depression, nature, joy
Moonstone Third Eye, Crown, inner growth, soothing, calming, stress relief, self appreciation, joy
Moonstone, Rainbow All Chakras, optimism, vitality, inner peace, Rainbow of Light, overcoming fatigue from depression, self appreciation, joy
Morganite Heart, Divine Love, overcoming old sorrows, awareness of Cosmic Love within which we all exist 
Moss Jasper Root, Heart, supreme nurturer, low frequency for slow/steady healing, peace
Mother of Pearl Heart, stress relief, relaxation, soothing, calming, intuition, imagination, sensitivity, harmony
Obsidian, Golden Root, Solar Plexus, healing abuse of power, activating Higher Will, enhanced manifestation, clears negative energies
Obsidian, Rainbow Root, from darkness to Light, optimism, hope, removal of blocks, recovery from emotional wounds
Ocean Jasper Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, clarity, centredness, positive attitude, releases stress/negativity, positive self expression
Opalite Third Eye, all around healing, mood stabilization, overcome fatigue, perisistence, strength, communicating hidden 
  feelings, subtle, but higher energy
Periodot Solar Plexus, Heart, increase prosperity, inner warmth/well-being, helps create integraton of Love and Will, 
  courage to act on heart's deisres, financial/spiritual abundance 
Petrified Wood Root, Third Eye, steady growth, inner peace, patience, visionary awareness, vitality, strong body
Phantom Quartz All Chakras, universal awareness, healing for Earth/individuals, enhances meditation, spiritual development
Picasso Jasper Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, grounding, calming, strength, self discipline, useful for eye problems/weight loss
Picture Jasper Root, Third Eye, connecting to Earth consciousness, balance, Goddess energy
Pietersite Solar Plexus, Third Eye, insight, intuition, overall vitality, self confidence, fearlessness, manifestation
Pink Zebra Jasper Root, Heart, grounding, stability, comfort, security, strength, wholeness, peace, altruism, joy 
Polychrome Jasper Sacral, exuberance, physical energy, vibrancy, passion
Prehnite Solar Plexus, Heart, inner peace, union of heart and will, dispels worry and restlessness
Purple Aventurine All Chakras, color from Lepidolite, protection, improves perspective, promotes psychic awareness, 
  enhances motivation, recall of dreams 
Pyrite Solar Plexus, mastering fear, assertive action, positive attitude, strong resolve, banishing negativity
Quantum Quattro Heart, Throat, Third Eye: Malachite/Dioptase/Chrysocolla/Shattuckite--truth/communication/intuition/peace/protection/release 
  repressed emotions
Rainbow Obsidian Root, from darkness to Light, optimism, hope, removal of blocks, recovery from emotional wounds
Rainflower Stone (Yuhua) Heart, Throat, Crown (colours), form of agate, stability, balance, clarity, love, slow/deliberate healing
Red Aventurine Root, Sacral, Third Eye, endurance, faith, perseverance, insight, artistic inspiration
Red Coral Root, facilitates imagination/visualization, stimulates tissue regeneration, blood cells, circulatory system, bones
Red Sandalwood Raises energetic vibrations to higher/intense level of spirituality
Rhodochrosite Solar Plexus, Heart, heals emotional body, repairs aura, facilitates deep healing of inner child, links with Love energy, creativity, joy
Rhodonite Root, Heart, compassion, love, generosity, altruism, detoxification, joy in serving others
Rhyolite Heart, balance, emotional release, self esteem, self worth, self respect, anchored in present
Rose Quartz Heart, love, gentleness, emotional healing, stress release, uniting with Divine, calming, cleansing
Rosewood Offers to clear negative energy that prevents you from healing yourself, calming effect, soothes nervous system
Ruby Root, altruism, Life Force, courage, passion, strength, enthusiasm, adventurousness, protectiveness, trust, zest for life
Ruby Kyanite All Chakras, Life Force, courage, passion, intuition, inspiration, visionary awareness
Ruby Zoisite Root, Heart, Third Eye, inner/outer development, true self, joy, life force, vitality 
Rudrakasha Seeds All Chakras, release stress/depression/lethargy, calming, increase energy/stamina, free from negative thoughts
Rutilated Quartz All Chakras, sizzles with energy, amplifies intentions, emotions, expands awareness
Rutilated Quartz (Black) All Chakras, sizzles with energy, amplifies intentions, emotions, expands awareness
Sandalwood As oil, mental clarity, relaxation, calming, memory, anti inflammatory
Sardonyx Root, strength, protection, grounding, willpower, self control, alleviates depression 
Septarian Nodule Solar Plexus: Calcite/Aragonite/Chalcedony, beneficial for Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), self healing, skin disorders
Smokey Quartz Root, grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practicality, organization, protection
Snowflake Obsidian Root, Third Eye, perseverance, insight, supports spiritual healing of cancer, self belief
Sodalite Third Eye, intuition, insight, mental performance/acuity, self discipline, motivation
Space Stone Jasper Root, Sacral (colours), nurturing, courage, wisdom, Earth energy, grounding, stability, strength
Spicy Jasper Root, Sacral, stabilizing effect, protection, aids in releasing attachment to negative emotional or sexual experiences 
Spinel, black/titanium Solar Plexus, Crown (all), revitalization, overcoming fatigue/trauma/illness/negative thoughts, encourages hope
Spirit Quartz Solar Plexus, Crown, links with Higher Self, cleanses emotional body, instills inner peace, strengthens one's will 
Sugalite Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, purifying/protection, healing from cancer, positive attitude, clears emotional body, Violet Ray
Sunstone Peach Sacral, Solar Plexus, encourages positive/benevolent attitude, overcome self doubt, aids digestion/metabolism
Super 7 All Chakras, 7 Minerals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rutile, Cacoxenite, Geothite, Lepidocrocite. 
  Recommended for anyone serious about embracing personal and planetary growth and walking  the path of truth. 
  Facilitates spiritual growth on all levels of being, here to awaken the Soul to its Divine Magnificence. 
  Super 7 is relentless and NEVER gives up.
Tibetan Agate Twisted All Chakras, all around healing, strength, power, courage, truthfulness, stabilizer, cleanses physical/emotional levels
Tiger Eye Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, hormonal balance, vitality, emotional harmony, balance, stamina
Tiger Eye Variegated Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, calming, motivation, protection, resolution
Tiger Iron Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, strength, stamina, focused will, physical energy, self healing, grounding
Tiger (Wood) Jasper Root, strength, stability, protection, eases emotional stress, courage, helps to feel relaxed and secure
Tiger Skin Sandalwood Raises energetic vibrations to higher/intense level of spirituality
Tourmaline All Chakras, cleanses, purifies, transforms dense energy, grounds, balances 
Tree Agate (Dendritic) Heart, stone of inner peace, calms nerves, dissolves egoism/arrogance, combine with Clear Quartz to deepen meditation/prayer
Turquoise Throat, wholeness, communication, life force, self forgiveness, releases useless regrets
Turritela Agate Root, stabilizer, self confidence, concentration, perception, Earth connection, strength
Unakite Heart, Third Eye, abundance, nurturing, passion, love, kindness, balancing emotional body
Wenge Wood Elements earth/water, strength, versatility, nature, defense/protection, dispels negativity, balances mood/thought
Yellow Calcite Solar Plexus, Crown, stimulates will/higher mind, induces sleep, relaxation, high spiritual guidance, expansive energy

What is Permanent Jewellery?

Permanent jewellery is just what it sounds like: a metal piece of jewellery (usually a bracelet or an anklet) that is welded together to make one continuous loop. We use high quality materials to ensure your piece can keep up with the wear and tear of everyday life.


Does it hurt?

Not at all. The solder never touches your skin, and there is a layer of leather between you and the tools. We makes sure the piece fits as you like it, so it shouldn’t be too tight.

What if I want the option of taking it off?

No problem. We can add a clasp to your piece (for a small additional cost) so you still get the experience of customizing your own jewellery but it can still fit into your lifestyle.

What are my options for metals?

Sterling silver and 14/20 gold make for strong and functional yet delicate appearing and cost effective options for you to choose in a variety of chain styles.

I’m hooked - how can I get mine?

A Mineral Love Affair is popping up at Escape by the Bay (1014 Bay St, Port Rowan) on June 1st, and Cabin519 (114 Main St, Port Dover) on June 8th. See below to book your private appointment! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @amineralloveaffair to be the first to hear where we will be.

Bridal Shower? Girls (or guys!) day? Just Because?

A permanent jewellery workshop is a fantastic addition to any celebration.

We look forward to chatting about booking your private permanent jewellery workshop. Please share your name, email, and some details about your group (number of people, a few dates you may have in mind), and we will be in touch!


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