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All Chakras are supported with these stones offering energies for stability, balance, clarity, slow/deliberate healing, calming the mind, sense of tranquility, stimulating metabolism, overcoming fear/insecurity, finding own power, Divine Feminine/Goddess energy, aids in stress related illness, spiritual protection (not an exhaustive list). Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of all other stones, offering Light and Love, spiritual awareness, and opening Chakras.

A Mala Bracelet may be used for meditation and yoga practice helping one to stay focused while repeating intentions or a mantra, very personal to the wearer, on every one of the 108 stones. The Guru Stone represents the teacher(s) in your life, including you. Start at the end of the Bracelet and finish at the GURU Bead, skipping all spacers. After 108 repetitions of your mantra, hold the GURU Stone in your closed palms and give honor and gratitude to all of the teachers in your life, including yourself. The numbers 108: 1 = the one Universe; 0 = nothing and everything; 8 = Infinity.

Bring peace of mind to yourself and to all. Namaste. 

The Celtic Cross—For Spiritual Protection

The classic Celtic cross symbolizes the Christian cross. The interlace represents life's continuing journey. Follow this never ending path to envision eternity. This charm is a focus for your thoughts; remember you are magical being.