Faceted Clear Quartz, Faceted Black Labradorite, and Yellow Calcite Bracelet with Pewter Triquetra Knot Toggle


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Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of all other stones and is known as the supreme healer crystal, the Stone of Light and Love, spiritual awareness, and is a chakra opener.

Labradorite also supports all Chakras for inner work, psychic protection, and amplified healing, prayers and affirmations.
Yellow Calcite supports the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras stimulating the higher mind, relaxation, induces sleep, expands energy for high spiritual guidance, 7.5".

The Triquetra Knot a triangular Celtic knot work design, formed from four triquetras. Each triquetra is formed with three knots that symbolize the ancient Celtic symbol of life, birth, death and rebirth, movement and change.