As I was transitioning from from my 'corporate' career into my 'retirement' career, I began to explore the natural healing arts leading me to become attuned and certified in Holy Fire Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Light Language, Reflexology, and Crystal Therapy. While sourcing Crystals for my therapy room, and to use with clients because of their natural healing properties, I also discovered Jewelery making classes which I promptly signed up for. Jewelery was yet another way for me to spread the energetic Light and Love that natural stones offer. Since then I have found various ways to incorporate natural stones into Jewelery and Pottery as well as adding a Rock Shop for customers who wish to purchase their own mineral pieces. 

Having 'A Mineral Love Affair' is very real for me. I'm often asked what my favourites are and I must admit I LOVE THEM ALL. Clear Quartz Crystal is high atop the list though as it is the Master Crystal that magnifies the energies of all other stones and is the Stone of Light and Love. 

May you find that which you seek and allow the healing energy properties to support you on your Earth Journey. Thank you for journeying with me. Namaste