Rock Shop

What attracts you to natural minerals? The color? The shape? Raw or polished? The healing properties? Maybe you are not even sure why, you just know you are. Whatever the reason, trust that it's right. The Mineral Kingdom boasts a created natural Earth family of pure delight for those who are attracted to it. 

We offer a wide variety of polished, raw, clusters, towers, points, and can source most anything, if necessary, from reputable vendors. Prices may be fixed for each similar piece or sold by weight/quality. 

Natural beads are used in our Jewelery pieces and every single mineral sold is infused with Holy Fire Reiki Energy with the intention of energetically offering the Highest Good and Highest Healing for anyone who chooses them. Chakra healing properties are also considered. Let the stones pick you by following your heart and trusting that what you are attracted to is exactly what you need at this time.

Love, Light, and Peace to your Heart. Namaste.